How to pick a book


First page of ‘The Goldfinch’ by Donna Tartt

Picking a new book to read may be the easiest thing in the world, you pick one you like and find intriguing. But everyone still doesn’t pick books in the same way. We all use different strategies. I usually choose my books by reading the synopsis or after reading a good review. A friend of mine, however, picks her books by reading the first page. Another goes for a book with an appealing cover. There are so many different ways to pick a book.

  • Reviews of a book
  • Recommendations
  • Synopsis on the back (or inside flap)
  • First page of a book
  • First sentence of a book
  • First chapter of a book
  • Cover of a book
  • Last page of a book
  • Title of a book

If you have trouble choosing your next read, trying a different approach, one that goes against your previous strategy might help. It most certainly would make choosing a new book a lot more interesting.  By going for a completely different strategy, it might open your eyes to a different genre of stories and books. Maybe you find ‘the book’, the one that changes everything.

But, of course, it might also end up being a complete disaster. It might be difficult to get through it because it’s sometimes hard to read something that you’re not motivated to read. Still, it’d be an interesting experience. I’m certainly going to try something different, as my friend said ‘you can tell a lot about a book from the first page’, well, let’s see if there’s some truth to that.

It’d be really interesting to know; how do you pick your books? If you try a different strategy than what you are used to, how did it go?


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