The Swenglish dilemma

I’ve been thinking, trying to figure out how to relate to the fact that I’m Swedish writing a blog in English. Since I started this blog, I’ve mostly read and reviewed books by English-speaking authors because it would be more available to an English-speaking audience, which I don’t mind at all. The problem, or rather my dilemma is; whether or not I could review Swedish books too and try to adapt it to an English-speaking audience even though some of the books might not be available in English. Is that possible?

Personally, I’d love to read about books from other countries and cultures even if it might not be immediately available in Swedish or English.


I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, the reason being I’ve started reading more and more books by Swedish authors, which I haven’t done in about five years. And I really feel like reading in my mother tongue for a while. Not that I’m discarding everything that has to do with books in English (I simply can’t) but I think I just need this somehow.

Thus, to be able to continue blogging, which I love, I’d really like to know what you guys, my readers think about that. It would definitely generate more frequent posts (at least, that’s what I’m hoping).

Is it something you’d like to read about and have me discuss with you and talk to you about?

En reaktion på ”The Swenglish dilemma

  1. I have the same issue with french literature. I think it’s definitely interesting to hear about other countries’ literature. Plus, if it’s what you want to write about, you should just go for it!



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