How an e-reader changed my opinion on e-books


The never ending dilemma of e-books and e-readers. For as long as I can remember I’ve been an anti e-book activist. Who in their right mind would ever want to read a book on a screen? It totally ruins the reading experience. I prefer the feeling of a solid book and its paper pages, and I’ll probably always do. Yet, I’ve recently gone against my better judgement and got myself an e-reader.

Sadly, I’ve come to love it, and I don’t have anything against it anymore. For a long time, when anyone mentioned the word e-book I wouldn’t hear it. My experience of e-books isn’t a good one. I’ve only read e-books on the computer or phone which mess with my eyes and prevents me from concentrating (first-world problems, I know). Thus, I hated them. Yet, a few months back I realised (it does sound ridiculous considering what’s going on in the world at the moment) I’d stopped reading because I couldn’t carry around more books. I couldn’t fit the huge hardback I was reading in my bag, with all my other coursework. Being the practical person I am, I started considering getting myself an e-reader. Since it was a decision that went completely against the way I felt about e-readers and e- books, I made a list of pros and cons:


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Light
  • Can store several books
  • Borrow library books from home
  • Cheap in the long run
  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Surprisingly easy on the eye (I later realised)
  • Easy to take out and read whenever wherever
  • Excellent on long trips



  • No paper pages
  • No way to mark pages (not true, I later found out)
  • Expensive
  • No book smell
  • Doesn’t have the same feeling as a book
  • When buying an e-book, it doesn’t feel like buying a book
  • No physical copy


Getting myself an e-reader has made my life a lot easier. I read a lot more, I always have access to new books whenever I’ve finished one. I can easily access the library catalogue and borrow books from home. It’s cheap and easy on the eye, at least, the e-reader I’ve got is. It’s not backlit as the usual tablet or phone is. It uses electronic ink which creates a paper-like display which is a lot easier on the eye than a computer screen. It’s perfect to bring on long commutes or long trips when you can’t carry around a bunch of books. Nowadays I find myself wondering; how could I’ve been so blind?

How do you feel about e-readers and e-books?


En reaktion på ”How an e-reader changed my opinion on e-books

  1. I was an anti-book reader who doesn’t like to read much. But at certain point of my life I decided to write a book for people to read on the topic which engages every living beings; it’s on ‘LIFE’. So to get connected with my readers, I do need to learn the manner of writing professionally and so do I decided to read books of my interest. As time passes I do start loving reading eBooks. I downloaded kindle app on my phone and it helped me read faster and engaging to more and more book of my interests. This is how my journey started with eBooks and soon we became best friends for life. This helped me a lot in self publishing my book as writing alone cannot help me out publishing so well. So kindle do play a major role in my self publishing eBook as well as paperback books. I self-published my first book ‘Life: A knot tied to your soul’ and then after published translated copy of my mom’s Gujarati book ‘ketki ni kalame’ with the name ‘The Desk – Ketki’. This is how I turned into a self-published writer; so do you can guys who are driving with similar dreams for your career.

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