One by Sarah Crossan (blog relay)

Yesterday Bibliotekarier blogged about One, and now it’s finally my turn.


One is about two twin sisters that share everything, literally. They are conjoined twins, joined at the waist. Although they share the same bones and blood are two different people with their own thoughts, secrets, and emotions, just like any teenager anywhere. Due to their condition, they’ve been homeschooled their whole lives, but as their family can’t afford the twins to be homeschooled any longer, they are forced to start a regular school. Although this change brings a lot of difficulties, it also forces the twins to get out of their comfort zones in a positive way, making them experience things the haven’t been able to before. Grace and Tippy find their first friends, who help them deal with the staring and the whispers they are forced to face every day. But although they share everything they still keep secrets from each other and in the end they have to make an impossible choice.

Over the past year, I’ve read a number of books about twins and  I’ve discovered that their personalities often can be said to differ completely.  Tippy is extrovert, tough and speaks her mind, while Grace, who is the book’s narrator, is introverted, quiet and a thinker. Although Grace is the narrator of the story it isn’t hard to tell that she’s often overlooked.

But even though Grace and Tippy are different from each other, they would die for one another, just like many other siblings. But there is still a more special bond between twins. They grow up at the same time and share everything. They become closer and I think one would have to be a twin to understand that bond. In the case of Grace and Tippy who basically share the same body, the bond between them very special. They share literally everything and are forced to cooperate. This means that even if they have completely different personalities and like different things they have to compromise and take care of each other in a very special way.  Therefore, they need to take each other into account in a way that others don’t. They always have to sacrifice something for the good of the other and the body they share.

That’s also why I find the book so interesting. It shows siblinghood from a different perspective. It also gives an insight into how it is to be born as conjoined twins and how it is to be different and forced to relate to other people’s prejudices and curiosity.

One is a wonderful book that makes you smile and feel hopeful until it makes you feel all the feels. I also feel that it is an important book that can lead to many discussions. It is in fact about so much more than just the adult twins. It covers topics such as prejudice, abuse, alienation, and relationships. The only thing I wish is that it lasted longer.

Thank you B. Wahlstöms for letting me read this book!

Tomorrow it’s Bookish Glimmer’s turn!


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