Gothenburg Book Fair 2016

Finally! I’ve looked forward to this for quite some time. To be around thousands of books, talented people and feel the love of literature and reading. It’s wonderful to be among others that love books as much as I do.

The day started with a cozy blog fika (google Swedish fika if you don’t know what it is) in  Hoi‘s booth along with other bloggers, writers, and visitors. There we listen to Jeanette Palmqvist and Carl Almén Burman (Kaufmanns chosen) who spoke about their books and how their writing process looks like. Hoi was also so generous and gave us a goodie bag with several books. Thanks! I’m really looking forward to reading them all, especially Jeanette Palmqvist The only thing that matters.


The rest of the day I strolled around and listened to the different conversations. Amidst my strolling, I ran into an interview of Meg Rosoff in Bromberg‘s booth. She’s a very wise woman who doesn’t take herself or life too seriously. Listening to her speak about how she made it to where she is, really made me feel hopeful and I realized that I should follow my dreams. She’s a really cool lady and I like her. In Bromberg’s booth, I even got two of her books signed.

Unfortunately, I get very starstruck when among writers and all. But I watched and listened to lots of great people. For example, Malin Wollin, who wrote perhaps one of the most important book of the year To my daughter.


As usual, I also brought a lot of books home with me even though I have a whole shelf of unread books at home. Most of the books I bought are Swedish and I’m fairly sure they haven’t been translated yet and I don’t know if they will be.


One thing is for sure, my dream of working in publishing has grown much stronger and it’s a dream I intend to follow in one way or another.


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