A summary of the ‘going native challenge’

As many of you know, during the summer I challenged myself to read only books written by Swedish authors. I called the challenge going native. For years I’ve only read books in English, written by English speaking authors, which made me realize that I knew more about foreign writers than Swedish ones.  I felt as if I’d lost contact with my country. Thus I created this challenge, and I recommend you do the same if you find yourself feeling this way. Here is a brief summary of what I read as a part of my going native challenge.

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Book review -Vi är inte sådana som i slutet får varandra by Katarina Sandberg


Vi är inte sådana som i slutet får varandra by Katarina Sandberg

(An attempt at translation: We are not the ones who get each other in the end)

”Jag är en enda natt. Resultatet.” (I am one single night. The result.)

Cassiopeja is 19 years old and doesn’t know what to do with her life. Escaping the small town where she grew up, she ends up studying law with classmates living on their daddy’s money in Stockholm. While everyone around her is falling in love and getting married, she finds herself rolling her eyes at love and trying not to make the same mistakes as her mother. However, deciding to take piano lessons changes everything and makes her realize the meaning of love and life.  Läs mer